PVC Waterstop Tapes

PVC Waterstop Tapes

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As it is known, the expansion and contraction movements in the structures are too large to be neglected and are constantly repeated movements.

Type: All Types

Production Capacity: 4 Lines X 200kg/hour

In addition to these matters, the structures are exposed to horizontal or vertical movements due to the movements of the ground under the structure. In order to prevent deformations that may occur as a result of this, PVC Water Catcher Tapes are used to provide flexibility in joint junctions and to ensure water tightness.

 Usage areas

• Dams / Ponds
• Tunnels (Highway, Subway, Cut and Cover.)
• Bridges and Viaducts
• Water Tanks / Irrigation Channels

•Industrial Waste Storage Facilities / Treatment Facilities
• Pools (Sedimentation / Ventilation / Swimming / Ornamental)
• In Port Constructions
• Hydroelectric and Thermal Power Plants
• Industrial buildings
• Retaining Walls
• Floors and Foundations that are in contact with water

“Natürel-PVC Water Catcher Tapes are produced in all types in special molds in our factory.”


Types, wall thickness of which is high, should be used in places where occurrence of earthquake is most probably and movements such as joint settlement are excessive and water pressure is high.



“Our products comply with the technical specifications of DSI and Highways and they have TS 3078 certificate and BS-ASTM-DIN norms in accordance with European standards.”

Note: Thicknesses are minimum dimensions. Please contact our company for other thicknesses.


During the application of PVC Water Catcher Tapes, welding should be performed in the best way, especially at the joint intersections.

Special junction parts are used at the corners to attach the different types of water catcher tapes to each other.


After the PVC Water Catcher Tapes are placed in the concrete mold, they are produced with rivet holes (at 50 cm intervals) on the sides so that they can be fully attached to the equipment in the center.


"Junction parts are produced in line with customer demand as specified below or in desired shapes according to the places where the application will be made.""



‘’You can receive service from our company for the application of Natural-PVC Water Catcher Tapes in the field and the application teams‘’

KALINLIK TS EN 1849-2 mm @1.0 -1,20 -1,5 -1,8 -2,0 -2,5 -3,0 ( + 0,5mm)
KALINLIK TS EN 1849-2 mm @1.0 -1,20 -1,5 -1,8 -2,0 -2,5 -3,0 ( + 0,5mm)
KALINLIK TS EN 1849-2 mm @1.0 -1,20 -1,5 -1,8 -2,0 -2,5 -3,0 ( + 0,5mm)

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